Become a Change Leader

Our giving circle, Change Leaders for Lincoln, recognizes donors who make a significant impact on strengthening families and changing lives. 

Your generous investment as a member of Change Leaders for Lincoln will propel:

  • More 6-year-olds to learn to read by third grade, setting them on a path toward academic achievement and high-school graduation.
  • More youth to remain in stable and permanent families by eliminating their risks of dropping out, unemployment, homelessness, incarceration and mental health problems.
  • More teens to regularly attend school, building their skills and knowledge for entering college and the workforce.

Benefits of Change Leaders for Lincoln are described below. Thanks to you, Lincoln, children, youth and families will do more than beat the odds; they will change the world.

Join ChangeLeaders today! 

$500 │ Friends │ Promote Early Childhood Development in Schools
Provide assessment tools to expand mental health services for young students in the classroom, in order to enhance social and emotional development, increase school and life success, and minimize the need for more intensive and costly services in the future. In appreciation, you will receive:

  • Complimentary mailing of Lincoln updates and advocacy briefings
  • Invitations to annual special events

$1,000 │ Contributors │ Develop Our Future Workforce
Provide 20 teens in Lincoln’s CEO Youth program entrepreneurial and financial literacy education, paid internships and exposure to local business leaders for college, career and life achievement. In appreciation, you will receive all Friends benefits, plus:

  • Recognition in the Lincoln Annual Report and Website

$2,500 │ Mentors │ Support Lincoln’s Healthy Families Initiative
Provide supplies to support families in Lincoln’s Family Resource Center with counseling, computer and job training, and wellness and nutrition classes for economic stability, active parenting and healthy living. In appreciation, you will receive all Contributors benefits, plus:

  • Invitation to a networking and recognition event before Lincoln’s inaugural Change Leaders for Lincoln luncheon in the fall of 2018

$5,000 │ Partners │ Provide Essential Literacy Foundations
Provide five first-graders in Lincoln’s Oakland Freedom Schools with summer literacy programming to eliminate learning loss, close achievement gaps and ensure essential reading proficiency by third grade. In appreciation, you will receive all Change Leaders benefits, plus:

  • Recognition in the annual Change Leaders for Lincoln luncheon program

$10,000+ │ Allies │ Get Kids to School
Provide one family in Lincoln’s School Engagement Program with individual case management, crisis intervention and mental health consultation, which helps get kids to school and empowers them to realize their potential. In appreciation, you’ll receive all Partners benefits, plus:

  • Private lunch with Lincoln president and CEO